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The software on this page will work with many of the different scanners and transponders we offer. If you require further advice on which software tools go with which scanners please feel free to contact us via email or telephone. 

All software on these pages are trial ware and will require a product key after a 30 day evaluation. Please visit the download page


RFID Software

LID571 Utility

The LID571 Utility is a database type application that allows the download of transponder codes and the re-mapping of their numbers so that the LID571 reader can display animal numbers or other relevant information. This is important because it means that you keep the unique Trovan tag number while making sure your animal ID is user friendly but at the same time ERROR FREE. Secure data with user name and password entry and a complete audit trail. Search the tables for relevant animals and store important notes on health or other issues and then locate the information quickly using a comprehensive search tool. Print study information with animal ID and all notes fields as well as set up your reader to operate with your own individual preferences.

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Quantum 2/3

The Quantum 2/3 is a Software program designed to measure tumour growth by area or volume that was devised in conjunction with five different pharmaceutical companies over the last five years. Quantum allows you to identify animals through RFID, monitor weight change, temperature and tumour growth. It enables the user to set growth limits on tumours, weight deviation and time cut-offs, helping to determine humane end points. Can currently be used in conjunction with Sartorius electronic scales or weights may be entered manually or re configured to work with other makes of scales. The software can be used in conjunction with Mahr electronic calipers or dimensions may be entered manually.

The 2D version of the program measures tumour area increase, while the 3D program measures tumour volume increase. (Volume and area calculated by preset mathematical formula - trigger values are user definable). Quantum allows pre-defined or ad hoc observations to be added such as abnormal gait, salivation etc. The program keeps a master record of each individual animal and up to 3 different inoculums /carrier substances. Users may run up to 6 studies from same program, where each study is separately definable (2D or 3D, different lookups etc) and data is stored in individual tables. Makes use of extensive user defined look ups for speed and consistency and export data to CSV files or comma delimited for further processing of data.

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Wedge 32

Wedge 32 in its simplest form wedges the Trovan transponder number into a commonly used program like MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, or the user's bespoke applications. The wedge software is an ideal tool for clients who wish to send the transponder number to a program/database they already use, even if using bespoke applications for the collection of data. Using software to send the transponder number to a PC program is far more versatile than a hardware wedge, as it allows the operator to manipulate the number in a wide range of ways before it arrives.

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General software tools

General software tools allow the user to set up the reader to their own individual preferences. Allows the baud rate to change, custom codes to be displayed. It is possible to set the length of time a tag ID or custom number is shown on the LCD, set software triggers and even turn on and off the audio verification of the tag ID's correct scan and much more.

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