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MID FingerPrint can trace its roots back to the 1950's when it formed part of the fledgling Stephen Clark Group, a Scottish engineering Company. In the 1990's Stephen Clark Ltd obtained the exclusive distribution rights for Trovan® products and soon afterwards formed a partnership with FingerPrint Solutions Ltd in order to offer software support for the hardware products. Recently MID moved in to the USA market aquiring Microchip ID.

In 2001 MID FingerPrint was formed as an independent company, with the aim of providing customers with transponders, readers and software. The services offered, range from the provision of small and volume sales of transponders to bespoke RFID software and RFID hardware solutions.

Whilst MID FingerPrint has achieved a market penetration of greater than 80 percent in some areas, we continue to open new markets and applications for this exciting technology.

MID has been supplying many industries world wide with RFID solutions for over 20 years. With custom built hardware and software we feel that we can offer our clients a cost effective answer to all their identification requirements.

Read ranges from our hand held readers of up to 24cm and over 40cm with stationary decoders are achievable using the smallest transponders in the range.

  • Loose ID100
  • LID575
  • ID100B/1.4mm  x 8mm
  • MID Fingerprint radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions