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MID FingerPrint can and has built many bespoke readers for clients so if you can not find the right reader for your application on these pages, please contact us.

For a list of the most frequently used reading equipment we supply please scroll down and click on the links to see a image of that reader under it description.



The ID100 transponder has a long history of use in the animal industry throughout Europe, the first design that is available still only in Europe, the same high quality transponder that comes with the ID100US with a different delivery system.

The ID100US is the latest in our range of transponders. A 11.5mmx2.2mm transponder preloaded in a lancet delivery system that has been designed to give the user maximum control for precision placement of the transponder.

The ID100A is the Trovan transponder without the delivery system that the ID100US gives you. Can be and has been used in Fish research, where insertion of the tag is done with the use of a scalpel.


A small, portable reader with USB interface and a lot of possibilities!
The LID573 has the same features as the LID560 but has also an USB port for communication with a PC. 

The LID573 uses USB to communicate to a PC. Larger amounts of data can be transferred much quicker, due to the higher clock speed of the processor, searching data is also done quicker.

The battery voltage is measured in real-time and shown on the LCD.

Bluetooth Option:
The LID573 can also be equipped, on request (at extra cost), with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module enabling wireless communication. Information can be send to a PC or smartphone.

The LID573 has an expansion connector. 

There are 3 types available:
Reads the Trovan® Unique & Trovan® Flex only.
ISO FDX-B, HDX, Destron, AVID (fecava), PSK1 and PSK2 transponders. (64bit ASK on request)
Reads the same types as the LID573-ISO version, but can also read the AVID Encrypted tags.
Like the LID562, the LID573 has a two tone coloured housing. The tone coloured housing has a detachable pocketclip.

The top colour is squirrel grey (RAL7000) and the bottom colour is anthracite grey (RAL7016).

Pheripheral equipment:

•Carry case
•Special RS232 cable with Sub-D-9 connector (order code RS232-LID571)
•Protection boot
•USB to RS232 converter for connection of laptops and PC's without RS232 port
•IR1020 IrDa to RS232 converter for connection to PC's without IRDA port
•Rechargeble 9V NiMH battery

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The LID572 reader has the same features as the LID571, except for the RS232 port.

The LID572 uses USB to communicate to a PC. The Infra-Red port is still available for communication. Users that have written their own application for the older model (LID571) can use the LID572 without any modifications. The command summary for this reader is identical.

Especially large amounts of data can be transferred more rapidly, and due to the higher clock speed of the processor, searching data is done quicker.

ID codes are shown on the 2 x 16 character display, which has backlighting. If the battery voltage (Standard 9V Alkaline) drops below 7 Volts, the message ‘low battery’ is shown on the display (reading is still possible).

If an ID-number was not in range of the reader during the activation period, the message ‘no code’ is shown on the display.

The LID562 is activated by pressing the push button. If the button is pressed shortly the latest transponder number read is shown on the LCD. Is the button pressed for longer than 0.2 seconds, the reader starts scanning.

Pheripheral equipment:

•Carry case
•Special RS232 cable with Sub-D-9 connector (order code RS232-LID571)
•Protection boot
•USB to RS232 converter for connection of laptops and PC's without RS232 port
•IR1020 IrDa to RS232 converter for connection to PC's without IRDA port
•Rechargeble 9V NiMH battery

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Identify products or animals with a meaningful number.

The new LID1260 reader allows hands free operation, with fantastic range. Scan Products / animals from up to 20cm. It is possible to chose to use the reader with the antenna flat or upright allowing for even more flexibility in any working environment. Make use of the LED light and the added two line LCD display to give the operator both visual and audio confirmation of a successful read. Transmit the tag ID to your PC or Laptop via RS232 or upgrade to Bluetooth for wireless data transfer.

The LID1260 has a 512k memory allowing the user to store thousands of transponder numbers, each number may then be allocated a custom code such as your own animal or product number. This custom code can then be displayed on the two line LCD screen, giving the operator the information they need to see to speed up their working day without errors.

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The GR250 was built to give our clients a high range reader for demanding applications.

A fully charged reader will allow the user approximately 3000 scans before the battery needs to be re-charged. The GR-250 hand held reader has additional capabilities which are implemented via its RS232 interface. These include a date and time stamp and a save and seek mode. While also allowing for the readers baud rate and communications to be modified by the operator through software. With a simple one button operation to perform a scan with a range of up to 24cm, this powerful reader delivers simplicity without any loss of performance.

The new GR250 will under normal use and recharging, have a battery that will provide years of service. The battery is a 12 Volt nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery, which has been fitted to give un-rivalled read range for the readers size.

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LID650/610 Reader Set

The LID650/610 stationary reader is a very robust reader without an LCD and can deliver a read range of 20cm when used with the ID100 smallest tag in our range The LID610 antenna has a confirmation LED light and is rated IP67 making it extremely durable for the most demanding environments. The reader has hands free reading and maybe wall mounted or used with the ID650/610 antenna stand.

Psion WA work about Pro high tech reader/PDA with many options including RFID and Bar-code scanner, docking station, blue tooth and much more. This reader will support the most demanding of clients mobile and data capture identification requirements.

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LID1262 Pass By scanner

The LID1262 panel reader can be used in as in applications that require a large reading distance and visual indication of the tag number.

This panel reader is making use of a triple coil antenna system for maximum reading performance. The housing is made of High Impact Poly Styrene (HIPS). A large 2 line LC Display is integrated. It is possible to assign custom names to the ID numbers via the accompanying software.The LCD has a backlight so even in dark environments the display can be read easily.


• RS232 communication port. (optional RS485 or Ethernet are possible)

• 110 or 220 VAC power supply

• Internal relay available to generate additional audio or visible indication.

Reading distances with transponder type.

ID100 x 35cm                                                                 ID200 x 50cm

ID300 x 40cm                                                                 ID400 x 80cm


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