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RFID Accessories/Transponders

MID100 Pre-Packed sterile transponders

Standard 12mm x 2mm glass tag loaded in to a 12g needle boxed in 200's

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ID100BAR Pre Packed and sterile transponder with barcodes

This product is the 12mm x 2mm glass transponder but comes with six barcode stickers with a visual of the transponder number under each barcode. Very useful for identifying items associated with the transponder.


This simple implant device will allow delivery of the ID100US. Designed to help prevent migration of the transponder, reusable and supplied with a  free of charge implanter with all orders of ID100US transponders.

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ID100 Implant devices

Implant devices for use with the ID100.

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LID Boot

This robust rubber case can help protect the LID571 reader from damage while still allowing the reader to operate as normal. Available in six different colors.

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Needle re-sheather

The Needle re-sheather alleviates the need for the operator to re-sheath the ID100US by hand and helps avoid a chance of injury.

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RS232 to USB Converter

Using PCs without RS232 ports? A straight forward lead allowing the user to connect equipment to their USB ports.

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LID650/610 antenna stand

The LID650/610 antenna stand helps make your work space tidy and also allows the 610 antenna to sit at the correct height for work with weighing scales etc.

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LID571 RA232 cable

RA232 cable for LID571 allows the LID571 reader to connect via RS232 instead of Infra-red. A USB version is available soon.

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